About BTS
- Objective -
Our goal for the Swiss BTS (Biomedical Tools & Services) GmbH foundation is to distribute and develop new products and solutions to meet the variety of demands from customers in biomedical industry with high quality at favorable prices.
- Advantages -
In order to keep a better touch with customers in China, we set up Swiss BTS Shanghai. The advantage is clear as China is playing a more and more important role in both Sourcing and Marketing regarding the biomedical pharmaceutical industry.
- Cooperation -
With our sister company Phenotec AG (www.phenotec.ch) and its partner companies, we are able to offer Pre-clinical Research Service for pharmaceutical industry. That is the reason we declare us as expert in both Biomedical Tools and Services.
Contact BTS
>> Contact us in Switzerland:

Swiss BTS (Biomedical Tools & Services) GmbH

P.O. Box 4127

CH-6304 Zug, Switzerland

Phone +41 79 682 51 92

www.swiss-bts.ch, info@swiss-bts.ch

>> Contact us in China:

Swiss BTS (Biomedical Tools & Services) Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Room 1001, Bldg. 6, No. 988, Hangtou Road, Pudong

Shanghai, 201316, China
Phone +86 21 3375 8218
www.bts-shanghai.com, info@bts-shanghai.com

>> Contact us in Thailand:

Swiss BTS (Biomedical Tools & Services) Thailand Co., Ltd.
245 Moo 1, Song Pueai, Kham Khuean Kaeo

Yasothorn 35110, Thailand
Phone +66 45 580 598
www.swiss-bts-thailand.com, info@swiss-bts-thailand.com